Personal styling

Initiate: Identify facial shape, body type, color palette and overall style personality.

Achieve: A style guideline that will be the basis for picking up your wardrobe. More ease and confidence in shopping.


Image Consulting

Initiate: Examine goals, communication, posture, gesture and overall demeanor.

Achieve: Practice and training for all identified aspects to be improved together with recommendations for styles to go with the persona.


Closet Makeover

Initiate: Clean out closet. Identify the things that will stay, those that will go and those to be bought to complete the wardrobe.

Achieve: Organized closet with styles that fits. More space for pieces that will make you stand out.

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Personal Shopping

Initiate: Custom select wardrobe from boutiques and department stores that will suit your body type, fashion sensibility, budget and lifestyle.

Achieve: Fresh and fun wardrobe selection that has all the styles you need to rock the world.

Photo shoots and Ads

Initiate: Pick best the wardrobe options presented by the client. Secure more style options. Identify right make up and accessories.

Achieve: Smooth flow of the shoot. Everything will look great.


Online Consultation

Initiate: ldentify what to achieve in terms of looks and style. Examine what’s in the closet that stays true to the agreed concept. Toss away those that don’t belong.

Achieve: Keep a “must-have” list. More space in the closet. Faster outfit decision making every morning.

We will hold our consultation via Skype or Zoom. We start off by identifying what look you want to a achieve. So we examine what you have that stay true to that concept. You toss away those that don’t belong. I’ll come up with your “must have” list. You’ll be left with more space and a wardrobe that makes you look great.

Superstar package
  • 1 hour style development, goal setting and mindset reset
  • 3 hours personal shopping
  • 30 mins Online follow up
  • Online virtual style guide
  • The style development session is done prior to our personal shopping day. I will pre book maximum 3 department stores chosen based on your budget and location. There will already be selected clothes for you to try on, which we agreed as part of your “must-have” list during our style development session. Purchasing is not obligatory. I’ll make sure that I’ll leave you confident in your choices when you’re shopping on your own.

World Peace package
  • 1 hour style development, goal setting and mindset reset.
  • 2 hours closet evaluation and clearing
  • 30 mins Online follow up
  • Online virtual style guide
  • We will start by identifying your style and proceed with evaluating what we will keep in your closet and those that will be discarded or donated. You will be left with a clean, organized and spacious closet where you only have the clothes that fit you best. This means, less stress for you when picking your outfit and more time for other things that matters.

Rockstar package
  • 1 hour style development, goal setting and mind reset.
  • 2 hours closet evaluation and clearing
  • 3 hours personal shopping
  • 30 mins online follow up
  • Style guide and notes
  • This is the superpackage. We start off with identifying the style to go for. This will be followed by clearing out your closet and seeing what we are left to work with. We then proceed with our personal shopping session which can be done the same day or the next. A fun day of bye-old-stuff-and-hello-new-you!

Hi, I’m Dyna Dizon. Style and Mindset Booster!

I have a simple process that works. I will get to understand your values and drive in life. Fuse it with the psychology of fashion – making sure it is incorporated in your style and demeanor.

Dyna Dizon