It was a beautiful spring day in New York City. I was walking in my new outfit which l got both from a thrift store in Brooklyn and TJ Maxx in the Financial district. Just when l was about to cross the street, a well- dressed, bright-eyed, older woman stopped and said “You look amazing. People like you make this city more interesting”. She then asked where l got my top from. I politely answered and gave her the sweetest smile.

I have tons of similar days like this, doesn’t matter which city l am. To me, this is less about bragging, but more about the world giving me confirmation as to which path I’m taking. I have given up a lot of opportunities in life to follow my passion. As the years passed, this passion that l am talking about have become more elaborate. More than just being fascinated in fashion, l have come to admire how so much of it represents my character and that it draws the energy l want to get from the world. In short, there’s so much power in it. Power of drawing out the deepest emotion l have and putting out in the world as my self expression and creativity. People wouldn’t be able to look at my heart or anything at all that goes inside my internals. But with what l choose to wear and how l wear what l wear, l am executing my power and by doing so, l’m claiming space and boldly letting the world know how l feel. So this right here, is simply the reason why l do what l do and why l freaking love it!

Dyna Dizon