Style Practically

When you think of style, you usually shy away. Oh that’s only for those who have extra money and time. Those who have prestigious jobs or who married a wealthy person. You know what l can tell you? That’s a lame excuse! And you can do so much better than that!

In this day and age, anyone can be practically stylish. Having a style doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your grocery budget for the week, because guess what? Outlet stores and Thrift stores are everywhere. You can literally look awesome with your 30$. That’s if you know the secret sauce!

Oh, this is not the point where I’m telling you of what to get or to look for. What l will encourage you to do instead is to look at yourself. Dig deep within you. What is it that you want to express to the world? How do you want the world to view you as? What are your goals? What Inspires you? This is how you determine your style. And once a fire strikes you like that, you stick with it.

Now, how does this thing becomes practical? Well, it is practical because it’s packaging your style around your identity. And because you have identified your style, you’re not going around wondering what to look for. You will easily find the stuff that will represent you the best. You collect most of it as part of your wardrobe. As a result, you need not buy a lot of stuff. You collect different variations of your “style”. This means saving money for shopping. You also save time deciding what to wear. End result, you’ll have a simple, well- organized and spacious closet that will inspire you to be your best self everyday.

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Dyna Dizon